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Volkswagen ID. Buzz: aftermarket parts ready for customization




The Volkswagen ID. Buzz is not only awaited by the entire car community but also by businesses specialized in customization. There is already a plethora of aftermarket parts ready for the EV retro-styled van, even though it just hit some markets. The Volkswagen ID. Buzz is already available in Europe, but it won't reach U.S. soil until 2024.


Tuners and part builders are currently drowning in the demands for ID. Buzz customization. With electric powertrain being more difficult to tune, everything will be centered towards cosmetics and practical transformation. The only things that can be easily upgraded in the performance department are the wheels and the suspension. Both categories are already filled with options.


The Perfect Camper


Volkswagen Buses have always been a premium choice for camping lovers, and I'll bet it will be the same for the VW ID. Buzz. In fact, I genuinely believe the all-new EV buses could give a second breath to compact camper vans and make them more popular than ever. In fact, this is one of the most popular conversions yet.


We've already seen a few concepts online with some quite strong customization. In every case, they look awesome, and therefore I think the Volkswagen ID. Buzz will be a significant success once it's available in North America.


The Volkswagen ID. Buzz offers people a lot of possibilities. I can't wait to put my hands behind the wheel of this fantastic vehicle. I think this thing will be one of the coolest vehicles to drive around and that it will always make a good impression on people. The Volkswagen Id. Buzz has a strong and colorful personality. There are so many collectors who love VW old buses and will definitely jump on the new model. The famous comedian Gabriel Iglesias is one of the best-known VS bus fans. He already spread his love about the new ID. Buzz in a recent presentation video with Jay Leno.


Playing the emotional game


I think Volkswagen made a fantastic decision by bringing back the VW Buss as a retro-electric vehicle.


It has yet to be possible to configure your Volkswagen ID. Buzz on the Canadian Volkswagen website. However, the order bank should open somewhere in 2023, which will make a lot of people happy when it happens. The Volkswagen ID. Buzz will be available in both Passenger and Cargo versions, doubling the possibilities.


Jean-Sébastien Poudrier

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