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Introducing the e-Golf

e-Golf Test - Volkswagen Downtown Toronto

e-Golf Test - Volkswagen Downtown Toronto

Feel Amazing Everytime You Drive.

Doing what's right always feels good - in fact it feels amazing! With the new e-Golf you're guaranteed to get that feeling everytime you park your car and walk away because you know you're making a positive difference to your neighbourhood, your community, your city and this planet.

The best part about e-Golf is it gives you this feeling while remaining every bit as stylish and practical as it's award-winning gas-powered siblings

e-Golf: The New Hometown Hero.

e-Golf Test - Volkswagen Downtown Toronto

Range Anxiety? Never Heard of It.

With a certified range of 201 Km, the new e-Golf can take you to Niagara Falls, London, Peterborough or Muskoka and everywhere in between on a single charge. And with over 500 fast and ultra-fast charging stations across these and every major route in Ontario, you'll never be far from a quick recharge (as little as 30-45 mins) for your e-Golf while you stretch your legs and do the same for yourself.

Progress is a Beautiful Thing

e-Golf Test - Volkswagen Downtown Toronto

Everyone Wants a Cleaner Toronto

Air quality in Toronto is continuously on the decrease, and although the City is making several initiatives to reduce smog and improve air quality, we must all do our part.
With most inner-city Toronto drivers placing under 10 Km per day on their vehicles, it's no overstatement that half our time in the car is spent actually driving and the other half is spent idling (polluting).  With how affordable the e-Golf is, we all have the opportunity to make our commute 100% clean!

Help Make a Difference by Going Fully Electric Today